The works that I present arise from my memories , experiences , feelings and emotions that I experienced during the journey in the mountains of Meghri, Armenia . During this inner journey I come closer to my inner self, the presence , consciousness,  the life force and a moment of stillness . I entered a timeless dimension , where I got tense and special feeling of strength , energy , peace and silence.  

In my works I connect physical and energetic presence in a poetic way, starting from a liberating consciousness, whereby the energy becomes visible, touchable and tangible and forms a unity.

I strive for  a fusion of past and present , which creates a dynamic and timeless dimension. The transience, the cycle of human existence - life, death and rebirth - plays an important role in this; this transforms our reality and strengthens our human consciousness.  In my art I want to stimulate people's imagination and sensory experiences in which the traces of the past are revived in theh present , which remains anchored in her memory and thus enriches her personal history. In this way I want to inspire people to make an inner journey by really feeling and discovering for themselves what the treasury of their existence is.


Works & Video



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