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Timeless traces

In my self-made booklet Timeless traces I study how inner time is brought to light in art. The aim of this quest is to show how the sense of time can be evoked through works of art that make you think from a liberated consciousness.

Through the perception of time, inexplicable experiences arise that transform everyday reality and transcend thought. The artworks create an immaterial reality, which deepens and strengthens human consciousness.

It starts with poems about my experiences in Armenia, which create a connection with my chapters. Next, I treat Bergson's theory of time as duration, which he says indicates the inner time of man. I also delve into Deleuze's theory of how time and motion images influence cinema. According to these theories, I analyze the film ''The Color of Pomegranate'' by Sergei Parajanov, in which the unity of time is made tangible.
Bergson’s and Deleuze’s philosophy argue that inner time is in harmony with ourselves and the observable world. It opens the doors in our minds, which allow us to deepen the nature of time. This leads to a creative revaluation and inspiring view of reality. Inner time is part of our existence, which nourishes our creative mind. Every time we enter our inner reality, we feel a timeless dimension.

Parajanov’s film and collages make the individual experience of time tangible, where the past revives in the present as traces of memories, in which a mixture of the virtual and the imaginary takes place.

During this study I was interested in how the feeling of inner time is evoked in art. How do time and consciousness relate to perception? To what extent do the past, present and future relate to inner time and life? How is the past relived in the present?
I discovered that inner time is like timeless traces that move like a film reel, where emotions and feelings come together and form a unity. It is for me a deep space inside our being, in which the treasure chest of human existence is hidden, where you can discover inner powers, creativity ,wisdom and insights. You always carry traces with you; they show your identity, where your soul is filled with pure feeling and inner time. The traces influence your view of life, which a connection between art, life and nature is created. Art can not only show the relationship between image and time, but also creates an inner time experience, which brings you into an endless stream of unpredictable experiences and imagination. Thus we come into deeper contact with the inner sense of time and the energy of life, which gives us new insights and possibilities in our life, makes us think and influences our perception.




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