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''Մոռացում'' (Oblivion)

I remember a story great-grandfather , who was sent to Armenia in a coffin after the Second world War. Before he was buried , the family thought it was better to open the coffin , to make sure they did not felt the body someone else. When his family wanted to say their farewells they touched him and felt the body of grandfather was still warm. Immediately they took him to hospital , where he was examined and operated on. After a month in a coma , the doctors said the situation was hopeless and he would never come back to life. But my great - grandmother took him home and cared for him herself. To the surprise of the doctors he woke up for his coma after seven years and went on to live an active life until he was 86.


My project '' Moracum ''  , ''Մոռացում''  ('' Oblivion '') is based on the journey I made in Meghri , Armenia . Returning to my roots , I experienced the traces of the past , which gave me a sense of a timeless dimension . The story of my great - grandfather , who awoke from a coma after seven years , greatly touched me and made me think about how time and consciousness relate to each other and influence each other . My work is about the search for an inner experience of time , where memories are made experienceable in the shape of fixation and transformation . This infinite event creates a transformed image between our thinking , reality , feelings and emotions ; a place where a fusion and inspiration of the past arises into the present , which breathes new life , is more valuable and makes us who we are today.

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